Friday, 16 May 2008

Update on Chaweng's Pagoda

It's time for an update on Chaweng's Pagoda

It's already three months ago that I first posted about this Pagoda looking out over Chaweng, promising a monthly update. Ouch, that didn't happen, but last month during Songkran we planned to go when our visit was cancelled at the last moment due to family obligations.
Ah well, here we are today.

The temple has had some serious progress over the last three months, the Pagoda's stupa has been painted completed as can be seen on the picture above.

During my last visit, I took various pictures inside the main building but didn't post them, since they weren't that exciting in my opinion, but today I will post a view, since there was significant progress. The pillars have been painted and give an idea how the inside is going to look like. Pretty nice in my opinion.

This Buddha statue is part of the ceremony that we missed during Songkran. It has been set up during Songkran and I wish I would've been there!

This Footstep of Buddha was also put in place during the Songkran ceremony. It's interesting to see that all these ceremonies take place whilst the building is not nearly completed. Reports from Songkran also state that it was really busy during the ceremony.

Despite all the progress, there's still a lot of work to be done and here are some ornaments that are waiting for placement. In front, behind the black tub is a mould in which smaller parts of the ornaments are made.

On the way out I noticed some real nice flowers which I like to share with you.

If in Chaweng or on Samui, visit the Pagoda in progress, it's worthwhile, especially for the spectacular views over Chaweng and strangely enough, the airport!
The Pagoda is located near the Q Bar and road leading to the Pagoda can be found opposite the entrance of the Black Moon party place; Lakeside.


Unknown said...

Pagoda is shaping up pretty well. When do you think it will be completed?

Camille Lemmens said...

A couple of months at least. When I went to look at it yesterday there was one guy hammering away at something! Nobody else in sight.