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Thursday, 23 September 2010

New addition to the family

New addition to the family

Yesterday was a big and exciting day for our kids, the reason being that we were about to pick up a cat that is going to live with us.
She's about 8 weeks and ready to move away from her mother.

Here she is, Thuung Thong or Golden bag as she has been named by my wife, or Tee tee for me.

The kids are over the moon with our new family addition and she's busy exploring her new surroundings, tumbling over her own feet once in a while and being distracted about every two seconds whilst wondering around.

It's great to have her around!



Connie said...

Wat een schatje zeg!
Ik zie dat zij/hij wel een recht staartje heeft, veel katten uit zie hebben een knik of helemaal geen staart.Dit schijnt gewoon aangeboren te zijn.
Grappig eigenlijk.
Wij wensen jullie veel plezier met jullie huispoes!
Groetjes Connie

Martyn said...

Camille I'd like to suggest a few titles for this post which might get the search engines purring (pun intended) and your hit counter whirling.

New Pussy in Koh Samui
A Thong and a Pussy
Young Pussy on Thai Holiday Island

I love the bottom photo, that's one cute

Camille said...

Hi Martyn,

That's some great suggestions ;-) Would love to see the surprised look on some faces...........

Camille said...

Hoi Connie,

Ja, 't is een schte scheet maar hij of zij heeft zeker een knik in haar staart! helemaal op 't eind.